Summertime - Luxembourg (episode 2.)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Here are some more pictures about THE HOLIDAY I mentioned in a previous post. I have just chosen some of my huge album.....
This is the huge river of Luxembourg city, called Petrus (on the bottom of the picture):

This is the Grand Theatre, it is not a beautiful building (just like our National Theatre), but very important for me...

This is the church of Kayl by night (we lived in Kayl, thanks for our wonderful friends....):

It is the beautiful castle of Vianden from the car....:

The 'old part' of Luxembourg city, the Ground:

Another picture with the other river of Luxembourg city. (River Alzette):

And it was a really funny sign in the Ground. Can you imagine second hand food? (By the way, there is a cute country style patchwork shop near this place):

I was so lucky to find a really very nice person on the net. She is Lil, she was my partner in the shopping tour, she took me into two patchwork shops. We spent a very good time together! Thank you very much for that, Lil!
Ah, and look at her beautiful car! It was another great experience as I haven't sat in a car like that before.

This is the small Tilda needle holder what I sewed to Lil. (Sorry about the awful picture)

And this is what I got as a present from her:

And these are the fabrics I bought in the patchwork shops:

Ah, where is the cherry fabric what I got from the sweet shopkeeper as a special present for Hungarians? (hmmmm.... picture is coming...I promise)


Lonely Paul said...


lil said...

nice post, funny too see these pics from my little country on the internet
and from my dirty car

now I wait for some pics from what you did with these fabrics, lol, but x-mas is coming