Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ah, no pics about the fabrics as I have battery problems, but tomorrow I am going away for a patchwork camp.... so about one more week... :D

And my sewing machine is working thanks for the repairman yesterday :D

Have a nice week!


Juhizs said...

Angolul (is?) Néma Kedves, szeretettel üdvözöllek a hátrányos helyzetűek nevében :-)

Elizaniko said...

Jól értelmezem? Meggyógyult a varrómasinád? Jajj, de jó !
Akkor tudsz már foltoskodni.

Christine said...

Hi Doti!! I'm so glad your sewing machine is fixed just in time for camp. Have a great time and I look forward to seeing pictures.

Thanks for the blog award!

patchwitch said...

hello everyone thanks for the nice words :D

helbel19 said...

Hope you enjoyed the camp, it will be great to see piccies.

Helen have been nominated for an award so pop over to my blog for more info.