Old jumper

Friday, October 2, 2009

This is a jumper I wore once. I was a college student when we had a kind of knitting magazines I liked. (It was a German one published in Hungarian only for half a year or so...) I found this pattern there and the phylosophy lessons were just perfect to knit it (we had a very clever teacher, I think she should have been very clever but awfully boring..... It was not easy to not sleep, but knitting helped as it kept me awake and I was able to make notes while knitting...)
So I kitted this patchwork jumper (at that time I didn't know what pw was...). I had to make the little squares and then sewed them together.
I started it too late so it was hot when I finished, and I waited for the next winter and then the jumper disappeared.....so finally I didn't wear it......
2 years ago I found it, (it was too small - unfortunately) but there was no people around me to give it to. But the daughter of my sweet colleague grow a lot in summer it fits her now. I was so happy she liked it. (She is in it since she got it even when they danced :) )
I quickly made a pic on the last night when it was in my home:


Heidi said...

Hi! I finally found your blog once again. It has been a long time since I stopped by here. Hope you have been well? I have two new blogs now as my old ones were full.

You did a great job on this sweater. What a shame you never got to wear it. Happily someone can enjoy all your hard work. How fun that it is patchwork too.

Hugs ~