AAS 15-25

Friday, December 28, 2007

Sorry for being late, here are the other pressies I got in the Advent Swap.

Day 15
a wall hanger, I can't find the pic, so be patient, please, I am posting it a bit later.

Day 17

Day18, wow, I always wanted something like this! It is so exciting to have a real Aussie organising bag which I can take with me when going sewing :D

Day 19
A calendar for 2008. It is sooo sweet , country style calendar with a magnet on the back.

Day 20, a pair of scissors! I have a lot of them, but I always have to look for them. Here is a new one, tiny, little and sharp!

Day 21

Day 22

Day 23, yayayay I got some mags :D I got three embroidery mags in a pack today! Hurray! I am sooo happy with them!

Day 24, a wall hanger, too, made of iron, pic coming soon.

Day 25, the huge handmade present! it is a beautiful table runner made of red fabric and flower printed organza. I even loved the black pack outside the present. This is the bag of the shop of stitch up's daughter in which she sews. Thanks for it stitch up! The runner is under my Christmas tree now, in the main place with the presents!
I enjoyed the swap so much! It was fun to open the pressies every day! I hope I can take part in it next year, too!