Advent - 1st Sunday

Sunday, December 2, 2007

As this is the first Sunday of Advent, I made an Advent wreath for this year. Orange is my favourite colour but I didn't plan to make an orange one. (I never did it before.) I wanted to make a bourbon one, but then I changed my mind.

Here is the wreath I made. (It was not easy, it was night and I was quite tired.) First I was not satisfied but then my B liked it, so I think it will be OK. I don't like too much things on a wreath so I used only some of my favourites (which match the colours and the style). It was a funny night as I worked with my best friend so we laughed a lot and enjoyed ourselves.

And this is my second AAS pressie, a weekly planner and a note book. This is funny... Today I have decided to make an 'Xmas to do list' into my sewing room. And then I got the planner! What a perfect timing!

This is my B's pressie for today... I have baked it for him: