AAS 10 - 12

Thursday, December 13, 2007

I have taken some pics lately as my batteries are working again, so here I am! (And I bought 4 more batteries today to be better with pics for the blog)

So here are some pics about the last presents.

Day 10 - a tea towel with Aussie things on it! I hope you can see them in the pic.

Day 11 - A piece of fabric. My partner, stitch up wrote a bit about it on forum (thanks for that!) These are special Australian flowers on it: red waratah, yellow wattle and white and green flannel flowers. I hope I can find more info about those tomorrow (I am extremely tired today, had a very busy day!)

Day 12 - a thread riper, very unique, the ones you can buy here are very different!

And we started the Christmas carol singing yesterday! It is so good! My kids are very excited about it and they are really good. I got lots of nice words from colleagues and other students as well. I am so proud of my little 'choir'. They are there early in the morning waiting for singing those English songs for the others. They practise the lyrics in the afternoon and try to memorize the language... They are just great! I am happy to work with them!