AAS 5-7

Friday, December 7, 2007

I was busy again these days. I didn't feel very good, so I didn't turn on the computer just tried to have a rest after finishing 'work' (not only work, but 'my huge to do list')

But I still keep the tradition and take a pic before and after opening my presents each day.

Here are the photos to share my happiness with you:

Day 5 present:

It is an embroidery hoop:

Day 6: This is a special day for us (Mikulas comes each year and brings chocolate, fruits and other gifts and outs them into our cleaned boots...) so I decided to open the different one (the only one in green paper if I saw right in the box).

A pin cushion, its shape is so cute, I like it very much:


Accessories, I love them, they will fit one of my projects:
Thank you stitch up!!!


Solstitches said...

All of the gifts you received are so nice. The little felt flowers are so pretty.

patchwitch said...

The little flowers are one of my favourties... I am very happy to open a gift every day! I am soooo lucky!