It is December!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Yay, this was the day I was waiting for! The 1st of December! I could open my first pressie in the AAS (Aussie Advent Swap). I chose a small present and opened it.... I can show you the pics: (embroidery bobbins)

And this was the day of the new advent calender. It was made for my best friend, Pungi. She has never had a calender before and she was so sad about that when she saw mine (the AAS which arrived about 1.5 weeks ago).
So I decided to make one for her. This is a Tildas design (of course, you know, I am a lover of Tildas and she likes it too). I used blue and white as blue is her favourite colour. And it can make winter feeling combined with white. Penguin is her favourite I think, but the little gingerbread men and snowman made her happy today morning. When she opened her eyes in the morning she saw this calendar on the door and she became so happy (actually she started crying which made me worrying a bit but she said these were the 'tears of happiness'). I used my favourite fabrics for this. There are stitched snowflakes too as she likes snowflakes very much.

I hope you like it too. It is about 100 x 60 cm.

It is half made here. I tried on the applications. It looked OK for me so I used vetex (which you can stick the applique on your fabric) to put them on and started sewing.

This is the finished version full of pressies which Pungi found this morning.
Sorry these pics are not so good as I was in a hurry, but hopefully once I will be able to make some new pics.
This is the snowflake stitch which I used (luckily it looks my better in real life).

And here are some bags for the presents.