Advent calendar for B - (AAS Day 9)

Sunday, December 9, 2007

This is a very late Advent calendar which is made for my B.

There is a saying here, something like: I made the coat for the buttons. It means you have a small part of something and you make the whole design for that.

That happened with this calendar. Actually I had an idea in my mind. I wanted to make a Tildas calendar to my B just like to Pungi (you could see it in a previous post), of course not the same pattern and not the same fabric but a similar design. Then on a Friday afternoon my B came home with a piece of fabric. He jumped into a fabric store (with my friend of course, not alone.... come on he is a man!) and found some fabric with Santa and polar bears on it. (Polar bear is our favourite animal). I changed my mind quickly and decided to make a design based on the fabric. To tell you the truth it was a very hard work. The fabric had whole pictures on it, quite big ones. I didn't want to cut these, but they were quite big to use them only. I decided to use only one of each and make a pattern of the same design to the calendar. I think working with small patterned fabric is much easier for me...

I wanted to make a green and red calender but the fabric was blue and red and white, so I found some fabric of these colours and started the calendar. (I was thinking for about 2 or 3 weeks before starting.) Unfortunately I was extremely late because I could finish the calendar only today, but I hope my B was/is happy with it.

So I drew a big Santa and some penguins, I added some presents and a sack to the picture. I used the mountains of the fabric's pattern, too. The mountains are pockets now. You can close them with buttons.

I used 5 pictures of the fabric for huge pockets on the calendar.

I stitched a "Merry Xmas" (it in the pic above but can't be seen to well... I am sorry about that) and the red border is quilted with holly (machine quilted).

And I opened a gift today as well...
It was in the blue paper with snowman, a nice little gift:

There was a fridge magnet in the paper, a koala: