Antoher Christmas gift - the horse (and AAS 8)

Saturday, December 8, 2007

To tell you the truth I have made this horse in November in a meeting when I saw my net friends (patchwork ladies) for three days in the countryside. It was a funny meeting and we sewed a lot as well, each of us took an idea and showed it to the others. A nice lady and her daughter taught us this horse. They are real experts in making animals.

I have decided to make this as a Christmas gift for the son of my colleague who loves horses. This was my first one but I think, it is not that bad, so it can be a gift.

It is made of felt. I used white. I cut out the parts of the body and the ears and sewed everything together.

Then I put pipe cleaner inside for the legs (it is wire covered with some fabric) to make them strong so the horse can stand on them.

I used machine to make the hair. A little piece of felt and I sewed knitting thread on it and cut it later.

I filled the horse with wool and finished sewing.

Finally I made the eyes and mouth with black DMC.

And here is my Day 8 present wrapped:

Unwrapped - two beautiful blue butterfly buttons:


Solstitches said...

The horse you made is cute Doti. A very nice gift.
The butterfly buttons are very pretty - what will you use them for?

patchwitch said...

Thank you!

I don't have an idea for the buttons yet. It is Christmas time so I am extremely busy with presents and butterflies are 'summer things' so they are coming later :D