Still cleaning??!!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

I think you can guess I am still cleaning. Today was the day of the living room, but it was not an easy part.... I know I always say this, but you surely can't imagine how problematic (and dangerous) cleaning is.

Today we started to delete the huge mess in the living room with my B. After putting the objects away (thousands of them) he started hoovering. Ah, that is nearly the last step. Just some mopping and it is all over. We can enjoy the weekend (without fever, yaaaaaay!).

Yes, nice thoughts, optimistic way of life. But the hoover gave up, it broke.... OK, let' s go and buy a new one (and forget rest and sewing as we use a lot of time on shopping...) We chose one without bag, I have never tried it, but who knows? It can be all right.

Then we decided to have lunch somewhere. As we were next to a hipermarket, we jumped in and got very nice food. On our way we found a shop with a huge summer sale, so we could buy some very nice shirts, T-shirts and trousers to B. We laughed a lot meanwhile.

Finally it was a good day (still some more hoovering and mopping, but as you now I am for blogging now :D) But I am sure cleaning is something which was not made for me. It is dangerous, boring and full of problems.... Do I need it? Why not sewing instead? Life is just not fair sometimes. I really wonder how others can do it, hey they know something I don't.... I would like a self-cleaning flat....

And this is a picture about one of the best things this week. On Tuesday I found a little envelope in my post box. It was a piece of RAK (Random Acts of Kindness) from Vonimum, from Australia. Thanks Voni for this nice crochet! You made my day (and week) much better!