Guess what!

Monday, June 30, 2008

Today I could start a new project! Hurray! It is not so long as I travel to the countryside tomorrow (teacher training course with my colleagues) so I won't be able to work on it (but I designed some handwork to be able to do on the train :D)
So I decided the design and did the cutting today. I am going to put a picture about this project and if you want, make a guess. Try to find out what this project is I know it is not easy, but use your imagination if you want to give it a try! A bit of a help: one yellow piece (as you see it is much bigger) and 78 of the little pieces. What would you use them for?
Have a nice week and have fun! Happy first week of July to you!


vivi said...

hi! what a mistery...i have no idea what are you planning, but these colors are the ones of the big bag i had when i was studying to become a kinder teacher :) i love the combination, you will have fun sewing while travelling!
kisses vivi

patchwitch said...

hello Vivi,
Thanks for your guess.... I still want to keep it in secret as I arrived home, but couldn't do too much on it while travelling... (most of the work will be done by machine)

Amaranta said...

Vmilyen zászlós, térképes dologra tippelek.

Nagy Orsolya said...

Something for the new class? A classbook maybe?

Heidi said...

I too have no idea what you are going to make. I first thought a hexagon quilt [English paper piecing] but the yellow is too large of a piece for that. I see it is rather large and think perhaps a patchwork tote?

It has been so nice to read your comments on both of my blogs lately. Thanks for always stopping by and leaving nice things to say.

Hugs -

patchwitch said...

wow, thanks for your guesses, I really enjoy reading them....
you have to wait for the clue, as I go away for a week and I cannot sew before starting, so I cannot put up a help-picture.... keep guessing, I hope you are patient :D

patchwitch said...

sorry, but I think my sewing machine broke, so you have to be more patient.....