Giraffes and strawberries

Sunday, June 8, 2008

My sweet language group, class 8 had their last lesson with me on Friday. During the 5 years we spent together I always drew a giraffe on their tests. They really liked the giraffe and were upset when I forgot to draw it. :D It was our symbol or something. So when I started to think about the goodbye present I wanted to give them, the only thing I knew I surely needed something with giraffes.

Then the 'keyring idea' came, so I only needed to find out the 'how to'. I wanted to sew them 'our' giraffe, so I made a pattern about the drawing I always used on their tests. It was not the easiest thing to sew exactly that giraffe, but finally I could manage it. I was lucky as I got some help from my colleagues. We decided to help each other with bigger class projects, so last year we sewed mini rucksacks for J's class, and this was the year of giraffes....

I machine embroidered the patches (stipling) then I sew the bodies and feet.
Then we turned inside out together, filled them and sew them together. I used yellow string for the legs. Then we added the keyrings I bought. That was all!

My students were really surprised, they couldn't say anything at first. Then one of them asked: "Did you really spend so much time on making presents for us?" And at this point I was surprised.... Ah, the 14 year-olds understood the point of the handmade presents! Yes, some adults could learn of them! I was worried a bit, I thought some would find them childish, but no, they put them on their clothes, bags and some gave name for their giraffes. I was so happy to see that! I hope the giraffes will help my students remember our lessons!

In the afternoon we went to pick up strawberries. Here there are gardens with "Szedd magad!" (='Pick them up yourself!') signs. Here you have to pick the fruits. When you have enough they measure it and you have to pay (less than at the greengrocer's). With 2 colleagues we spent the afternoon on a strawberry field. We picked into sweet baskets. After a while we started to have fun and laughed a lot. It was really funny, not so tiring. Here is my basket. (I didn't want to pick much, my basket was only 3.7 kg)

Yes, it was a good Friday!


Violini said...

Biztos vagyok benne,hogy emlékezni fognak,ha a leckére nem is,rád tuti :-)))
Nagyon édesek,és tényleg hihetetlen,mennyi munkát ölsz a búcsúajándékokba!!

patchwitch said...

Hello Violini,
Örülök, hogy jöttél!
Welcome here in my little world! Enjoy your stay!

Kicsoda said...

Allati jok a zsirafok es mekkora otlet hogy elotte stiplingelted.

miss~nance said...

I love these giraffes. So cute.


patchwitch said...

Thanks, I am happy you liked them!

ZuZu manó és Szilda said...

my sister too love the giraffe. I go to make one pies for her. Thes are very nifty.(sorry when I get lot of fault, but i don't speek english)

patchwitch said...

I am so happy you liked them. Your comment is nice for me.
Happy sewing :D