Thursday, June 26, 2008

If you are Hungarian or en expert of Hungarian cousine you know this thing: Actually they are not pickles but little cucumbers finished by the sun (yes, the sun), called 'kovászos uborka'.
I love this thing, it is very good for meat, instead of salad or sometimes I eat it without anything. On a hot summer day it is cool and nice, a bit sour. Wonderful! Food and drink as well. My stepfather makes the best on Earth, so I asked him for the recipe. This is my first try. They are in the balcony, 'in connection with' the sun, waiting for one more day....
I hope it will be nice!

This is the 'starting point':


36évi said...

Jammi! (?)
I never do this, but I love it. Yust me in my family... :(((
Ma, csak ennyit, mert nagyon szar napom van, csak a te kedvedért préseltem ezt ki. :))))
Beírhatlak hozzám, hogy ne kelljen állandóan keresni?

patchwitch said...

Dearest Évi,
Of course, I would be happy to be on your blog..Thank you!
It is not as good as my stepfather's, but eatable :D I mean good. I had two for breakfast with hot sandwiches. I try to improve my skills then I can make some for you :D

Persze, hogy naná! Nagyon nagy büszkeséggel töltene el a bloglistádon lenni (úgysem vagyok olyanon csak pár helyen)
Szóval ehető lett a cucc, ha majd tudok jobbat, neked is csinálhatok, amíg tart a nyár!

lil said...

I've never heard of something like "cooking in the sun", lol

you made a comment on my blog and as you don't show your email, I can't answer to your question,

patchwitch said...

It is a very nice thing! Believe me :D

I have written my mail on your blog, thank you very much!!!!