The last strawberries

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Yesterday I was so lucky to get the last strawberries. Unfortunately this is the end of the season, so it was the last open day of the strawberry garden. We tried to do our best and found some fruits, so after a while my little basket was half with the little red yummies. They were so nice and I was happy to get them. While I am eating I say goodbye to them.

And, strawberries....They remind me to my late-birthday cake. It is my traditional present (I love it!!) made by my mum. A fruit cake... This year it got a special thing, number 30 was made by my stepfather, he used apple for that. It was soooooo delicious!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Helló D.!

Jól néz ki a tortád! Finom is volt?
A kis macikák is aranyosak lettek nagyon!


patchwitch said...

Igen, finom volt, és köszi.

Yes, the cake was delicious and thanks for the nice words about the bears...