Busy day

Saturday, June 21, 2008

It was a really busy day from the craft's point of view. For me baking is something like craft... (I am not very good at cooking but I can bake. Unfortunately I do it rarely as we are two in the family and baking cakes and cookies would make us fat like balls)

So in the morning I started with this necklace. The plans were in my head some weeks ago, but this morning everything seemed complete and easy. I just got up and made it....

Tomorrow there is going to be a Midsummer Night's party at my colleagues, so I decided to make a yoghurt cake (one of the my bests according to my B). I felt sorry for B as he usually can't get from the cake I take away. How can you take a cake with missing slices as a gift? So in the middle of the work I decided to make a smaller one as well. Here are the pictures. I used strawberries which I picked up and redcurrats from my mum's garden. Here are the pics.

The pasta of the cake

The first cake with redcurrants

B's cake with strawberries and redcurrants

Yoghurt cream on top

Inside and outside


Laurraine Yuyama said...

WOW! This cake looks delicious!