Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I am so sad about the wrapping game... I have put a 'game post' on 2nd Jan and nobody made a guess...no comments there.. When I come home I am so excited and run to my laptop to check it and nothing there... a whole week ago... sigh....

I thought it was a good idea, but maybe it disappeared somehow among the posts.....


Christine said...

Hi...don't be sad. I visit your blog often but have just been so busy I have not had time to post. Now that Christmas is over I can back in my old regular routines. Please don't give up :-)

Your gift wrapping is just awesome and so creative. You have been very busy. Sorry I did not get a chance to play along, it would have been great fun.

I love your polar bear drapes. Very cute. Nice job!

Those sandwiches look so delicious!! I think I gained 5 pounds just looking at them.

By the way Patch Witch what is your first name? You don't have have to tell me. I would just feel like I knew you better if I knew your name.

Have a great day and thank you for all the nice comments you leave on my blog :-)

patchwitch said...

hi Christine,
you still have some days to play! So you are not late!
Please take part in it, if you have time and if you are in the mood:D

My first name is not a secret, but I do not use it even in my real life. Nobody calls me on it (neither mum as my DH calls me on my usual nick, so she does the same). It is Agnes, you can call me on it, it will be strange, but OK.

I am happy you liked the things I did. sorry for the sandwiches :D
(better then sandwitch...oops, sorry, I think I am to tired :D)

It is fun to read other blogs, so I am happy to read yours :D

Christine said...

Well it's nice to meet you Agnes.That is a nice name. Ifeel like I know you better already :-)Do you have a nickname you would prefer I call you by? I don't want to call you "Which/Witch". LOL

Heidi said...

First, I love the name Agnes! We now know your secret. :) But as you know I have been unwell and have not been to your blog in too long or I would have guessed. I am getting better now as the last of the headaches that came with the cold have also gone this afternoon. But now my DH is really ill. He was supposed to fly to the US for a week for his company and just had to cancel the flight. He has a fever and I did not have that. He has it much worse than me. I am glad he is still home but not being sick!

Hugs ~

patchwitch said...

Agnes is OK or you can call me Doti, which is a nick I use... Both are OK :D