Wrapping Game

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

During Advent everyone buys and makes presents and put them into nice wrappings just to make friends and family happy. Here are the presents of my family this year:

After the season of presents and wrappings I would like to invite you for a game I found out in Advent. I helped to my best friend with wrapping. We wrapped the things in her shop at night (you know, no customers at night). This is how the shop looked like a night before Christmas:

We made lots of colourful presents to our families. I took photos about some of them. There are some twin wrappings - if two people got the same present I made twin wrappings for them. (I didn't want to make the same design for the same person but when you have more than a hundred presents to wrap you want to make your job a bit easier and help yourself with using a similar design. And Pungi's family has a game at Christmas: they try to find out what is inside the wrapping before opening it. If two people get the same present they get the wrappings at the same time and they can think together.)
If you want to play, just match the wrapping and the goodies inside. And the prize? I am not sure yet, so it is a secret (for me as well :D).

Here is the list of the goodies:
1. a jar of honey
2. a T-shirt
3. a packet of ashtray stones
4. a vase
5. a bunch of snow flowers (plastic)
6. a soft toy reindeer
7. a book shaped box
8. a DVD writer
9. a packet of tissues
10. vitamin powder
11. a pair of socks
12. a pair of scissors
13. a mug
14. thread
a mobile decoration (a cute polar bear)
a wall calendar

And here are the pictures of the wrappings:

OK, have a nice time with the game and leave a comment with the key. I think the end of the game will be the 15th Jan, then I post the key. Enjoy!


Christine said...

Whew!! That was harder than it looked but I had fun. "D" really stumped me! Here's what I came up with:

Thanks for making this game and for inspiring me to be more creative with my gift wrapping.