The only hand made pressies

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

This is the last Christmas post... I didn't have time to find all the pics, so I put them here later than I wanted. As these were present I didn't want to put them on before Christmas, then the holidays kept me very busy, so this is the time. I hope you won't be bored because of them.

Then at the weekend I have to start this year's projects. I have a lot in mind (as usual) but we have an extremely busy time at work (end of term) so I have to do a lot of paperwork instead of sewing :( That is not fair, but .... I still have photos, to share, so I am not sad (yet).

So this year I decided to make lots of pressies, but I didn't have time (I did a lot in wrapping and shopping with friends - which means talking, getting the Christmas feeling having friends around - etc.) to do all, so I made only these.

This was made for my patchwork friend. This is also a piece of the Handmade magazine I got from Juliet (the puds are from that as well). I machine stitched it. This was my first try to stitch drawn pictures.... Not perfect, but I was brave enough to give it to my friend.

And there is a picture of the back.

And this is just a little something. It was stitched by hand (started last Christmas... Did I mention that I was a really very slow person?)

and then quilted by machine (some holly and a 'Merry Christmas' wish in Hungarian). This became a present for a Lady in my patchwork group.

And this is the jam I made. This is my second jam ever. I got it through a forum (it is a doll making forum but before Christmas this was the favourite thing to make). I learnt a lot of nice things about it, so i decided to give it a try. I made some for my B, my stepfather and my best friend. It is made of apple and there is some orange and cinnamon in it. Everyone liked it! :D


Heidi said...

There is nothing like a handmade gift at Christmas! Your first attempt for the stocking turned out really well. I would be afraid to try to machine stitch that so good job. I think it is smart to think of gifts now and work on them throughout the year. I never seem to get things done that I want to.

Hugs ~

patchwitch said...

Thanks for the idea, Heidi....
I think I saw on your blog that you have a workshop in July to start Christmas presents! I am going to start with you if you write about it on blog....
Machine stitch is much easier that it seems.... I think.