Sunday, January 27, 2008

When I was a little girl (around 8) I always played 'School' with my little neighbour. She was five at that time. I taught her a lot of things and my parents were smiling at the door: 'She should be a teacher.' (Luckily they told me this story just after my decision to be a teacher.)

So year came after year and then I became a teacher. It is not an easy job and sometimes very tiring, but every week there is at least 3 minutes when you feel this is the best thing on Earth. I really enjoy being with kids, they are funny and honest, creative and sometimes they say strange things.... Or maybe we see them strange only because we are adults...

After college I went to school again to be a teacher... In the first year I had to learn a lot and I had some difficulties, but at the end we were the happiest class in the school, I think.
Unfortunately my kids were 'too big' so I couldn't work with them during the next year. But some little ones came from the nursery to be my class. I worked on classroom decoration half of the summer. I drew lots of animals for Maths teaching. Then I decided to make something for the 'class book' (It is for administration, all the marks and lessons are administrated there, also the timetable, the list of the names and teachers etc...)

I sewed the blue one for the book. I painted the same animals on fabric what were on the walls. My class was 1.a, that is why it is written on it.

In the second year we needed a new cover. (We were not 1.a anymore.) I asked them what they liked. They wanted bees, as they called themselves 'bee class' (They got labels with their names on the first day they came to school, and they had the shape of bees.) They loved this cover so much they didn't want a new one in the next three years.

When they became 'too old' again they got a new teacher, but I was lucky enough to stay with them as the 'second teacher' of the class. Their teacher asked me for a cover. She bought the fabric (the same as the tablecloth in the classroom) and I made this 'teenager design'. I was a bit nervous, you know, teenagers are always criticising, but luckily the were satisfied. :D


Heidi said...

What wonderful things you have made for your classroom. I can hear in this post the joy that you get from teaching!

Dagi's name is short for Adagio (his full name). We liked the name the breeder gave him and kept it. Funny that dagi means fatty in your language. Dagi is very skinny which makes it even funnier.

Hugs ~

Christine said...

Very nice projects. Sounds like you really enjoy teaching.

Solstitches said...

What a nice post - your love of teaching shines through.
The children are very lucky to have you!

Kicsoda said...

Hi Nema! I am glad to read about your life. We met only for a day but now I feel I did not miss you so much;-)
I go and read the older posts, and maybe I learn more about you:-)))

patchwitch said...

thanks for the comments and the nice words....
kicsoda, welcome in my world :D enjoy :D

Katalin said...


Bocsi, magyarul írok...
Nagyon tetszenek a műveid! Különösen ezeknél a naplóborítóknál ragadtam le, mivel én is most készülődök ilyet varrni. De már most problémába ütköztem: napló mérete. Nem tudod véletlenül mekkora? Tudom, nyár közepén nem illik dolgozósat kérdezni, de hátha :)
Vagy ha esetleg van szabásmintád, nagyon megköszönném!

További jó varrogatást!

Üdv.: Kata

patchwitch said...

Szia Kata!
Sajnos nincs, mert én először megcsináltam pl. a méhecskéket, és a suliban lemértem a naplót, és megvarrtam. Sajnos nincsenek itthon, úgyhogy nem tudom lemérni, de kicsit nagyobb (pár mm) egy A/4esnél és a gerince kb. 1-1.5 cm.
Jó varrogatást!