Last minute rush

Saturday, January 5, 2008

It is a beautiful story for me so I'd like to share it with you.

Some days before Christmas I found a piece of paper in my post box from the postman. I had to go to the local post office to get my something. I became totally excited as getting a package/parcel/letter means 'magic' to me since my childhood. I always had penfriends and was very happy to get letters from them. I usually don't get parcel but with those lovely Australian and British ladies I got to know through the net it changed a bit and I got 4 envelopes during December which was one of the best parts of the year for me.

So I went to the post office and got a tiny little box. A really small and cute one. I am sorry I don't have a picture as I tore the paper immediately to see what was inside. I got an angel made of pasta, a little patchwork decoration and a patchwork 'candy'. (here we have a special sweetie which we eat at Christmas, we buy them in different tastes...and they are covered with chocolate and put in colourful paper.... we put them on our Christmas trees). The little box was sent by an internet friend who is a real friend now. She lives in another town. Later we wrote e-mails and now I know the whole story of the candy.
My friend, Borcsi decided to make some Christmas decoration for herself after giving away all the ones she made before. She decided to use orange fabric. (And because she knows me she remembered how much I loved orange). From the rest of the fabric she could sew two candies. When she finished them, she decided to send me on of those. How sweet she was. And I am proud to have the pair of her treasure on my Christmas tree.

I sat in my best friend's car when opened the little box. He became totally excited about my candy and he said he would have been to have some next Christmas (next year). I was quite surprised he liked the idea so much (he is not a patchwork fan).

I knew they (he and his partner) would have a tree with blues decoration so I decided to make a box of candies for them. It was a big rush and Christmas was very busy so I finished the last one 2 minutes before they arrived (and I have some half-finished ones... maybe i can finish them next year).

They were absolutely happy with them and I have heard they gave two to the girl's mum and two to her sister. That is a big complement for me.