Christmas puddings - a late post

Friday, January 11, 2008

the holidays ended I could finish some things :D I have started them at the end of November but I didn't want to make a picture while all the little puds were ready. I have loved these little ones since the first time I saw them in a magazine.

I know I am a very late person, but I always try to be on time... So finally I have finished the Christmas puds from the Handmade magazine Juliet sent me....
I haven't knitted to much in the last days so I couldn't find right size needles for it. That's why I looked for my old 'marocco' game (when you have different coloured sticks, mine are made of wood, but they can be plastic as well and you have to pick them up without touching the other sticks, one by one... I think you know this game) and chose some sticks of it.

And I could start knitting... I didn't have red beads for the berries on top, so I painted some wooden balls and used them. I got plastic berries from my friend so I put some on tops. We don't agree which ones are better....

They became decoration in the kitchen window or they are going to be decoration on our next Christmas tree. Who knows?

I wanted to have something more. I have to tell you I do not like to copy things from magazines on books. Of course I like pattern but I usually use them as basics and then I make things from my head. maybe that's why making puds was not enough for me.... (and in this case I couldn't change colours or pattern, it is perfect like this)

So I have made a pudding cap for me as well... I used the design as a basic but of course I had to change lots of things.

I am still waiting for you guesses in my 'Wrapping game' in the 2nd Jan post! :D (till 15th Jan)


Maureen said...

I am so happy for you that you enjoyed the Handmade magazine.........down her in Australia,some of the southern states have had tempretures of 41 degree Celcius..........I live in Brisbane in 30+ degC for Christmas and 90% relative humidity.My son in laqw comes from Switzerland and loves the heat.Next Christmas I hope to be in Switzerland and have a white & cold christmas

patchwitch said...

wow, that is really hot!
I am actually happy we have Christmas in winter. I don't like cold weather, but love snow and Christmas, so winter is OK this way.
And I love hot weather and sunshine so summer is my very favourite without Christmas, too.

Christine said...

OH WOW!!! These are soooooo cute!! I love them! Beautiful job.

patchwitch said...

Thank you Christine :D