My favourite part of the flat

Monday, January 7, 2008

My favourite part in the flat is the kitchen window. I started to make seasonal decoration there 2 years ago. I bought two cheap place mats made of bamboo. I used plastic thread to hang them in the window and started to put on things like flowers, little dolls and other things. My flat is a very crowded thing, not much place for decoration but the exception is this window.

During the year we have curtains with embroidered lemons on them (lemon is the favourite fruit of my B). Last year I decided to make my own curtain of the polar bear fabric I got from Australia from my mother-in-law. I matched it with a blue fabric and they made a good winter atmosphere. I love to see them during winter time.

Last year I bought some little accessories (they are made of clay but they look like gingerbread or its Hungarian version 'mézeskalács'.) and we also had cinnamon and anise balls.

I forgot to write this post in Advent but it is still winter time so they are still actual.

During cold winter nights I sit in the kitchen with a candle and feel warm inside - I know I am a very lucky person.


Solstitches said...

Hi Doti,
It's been a while since I had the chance to visit your blog as I was a way for Christmas and am now trying to catch up.
Your curtains are very pretty.
Happy New year!


patchwitch said...

I am happy to see you again, Margaret!
Thank you for the nice words, and Have a Very Happy and Stitchy New Year!