Witch hat for Sári

Saturday, January 19, 2008

We don't celebrate Halloween, but we have carnival instead. This s the 'magical season' when we have balls and children can wear costumes. We have this party every year in school. The little ones have a competition of the costumes.

My colleague has a sweet little daughter, Sári who is 8 now. She wants to be a witch, so I decided to make her a hat for that.
Years ago my class dressed up as Harry Potter and they wanted me to be McGonagall. So I became a witch with my students (that was a beautiful moment for me when the chose this role for me, I had tears in my eyes. It was a big thing, I think she is the best teacher in the novel, so maybe you understand why I felt like that.) I made myself a witch hat then, so I had some experience which helped this time.

I used aluminium wire as a base of the hat. (This was the wire I used for my hat and I needed to make small changes only.) We bought half a metre of black fabric which I sew on the wire. Unfortunately Sári slept when I finished (actually I could start when she went to bed) so I don't have a picture about her in the hat, but she was very satisfied next morning when she tried on her hat. I hope she will be beautiful in that in February when we'll have carnival.