The most beautiful tulip

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Today I got the most beautiful tulip ever! Here in Hungary we celebrate 'namedays'. It is something like birthdays. The names are listed in the calendar and each has a day (or more) which family and friends or colleagues can celebrate. Mine was yesterday, so today I got this tulip from a sweet colleague, Moni.

I have never seen an orange tulip. My really favourite colour is orange what everyone knows who has ever met me. I wear orange things, my bags (mostly) are orange, my notebook, some pens and even my mobile. People around me are nice enough to give me orange things. If they see a pen somewhere they bring one to me (that happened last Friday...). Or a mum of a student sent me a little orange calendar into my handbag. Isn't it sweet?

So this orange tulip was a double surprise for me. It is beautiful. I put it in a bottle (which is a remain. It is from Orval, France where I spent some days with monks - and my friends...) and it is on my kitchen table now (maybe you can recognize the curtain :D) And have you seen the matching orange ribbon?


Christine said...

Happy belated "Nameday" Doti! I hope your day was special.

Love the orange tulip. Orange is one of my favourite colours too!

patchwitch said...

Hihihi, thank you Christine!
I am very happy to hear you like orange :D

Heidi said...

What a wonderful gift to have received! It was thoughtful of Moni. Tulips are so beautiful.

Hugs ~