Happy New Year!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

First of all


I have made some pictures about our little 'party' (we were only four with our best friends so I am not sure I can cal it a party).

This blog will seem like a food blog with this post, but hey, I am not only needle and fabric.
I am not a big chef (my B does it for me), but I can bake nice cakes and cookies. Yesterday we all made something... My B was the luckiest (OK, he was ill, so we didn't want him to cook all day), he only made coffee for us! We three made the other part of the food. I think my best friend made too much food again (this is usual she buys food for a whole army when we are only four... OK, we have food for the whole week, hihihihi).

So here are the pictures of the food part of our New Year:

This is paste made of eggs, onion, and some spices and maybe butter... Hmmm, I am not sure but it was made by my friend, Am.

These are the tramezzini sandwiches my friend, Pungi made. She made 40 sandwiches! Can you believe that?

She put lots of nice things like paste and salad on this special bread called tramezzini. (She made 12 kinds of sandwiches yesterday!)

Then she puts the top bread.

She makes a hill. It is important to stick the edges of the bread so the filling doesn't come outside.

Then she cuts the bread into triangles.

She puts the sandwich in foil and I added a sticker with the name of the sandwich. We made funny names for all different types!

And this is the grapefruit I made. This is the very favourite of my B. This is the biggest amount I made. I used five kilos (!) of grapefruit for this! I hope it will be enough for my B! (And I think this will heal him.)

And today when I woke up (it was around noon as we went to bed at 6 o'clock in the morning) I saw this beautiful snow! I think it was snowing during the night and luckily it didn't stop till the evening. I hope it will snow tomorrow, too.
(This first pic was made yesterday, we had small snow that day, too.)

I loved the walk in the snow. We visited my mum to wish her and her husband a happy new year. I helped her with the snow (I had to clean the pavement ans stairs in front of the house and in front of the garages) which I like! So it was a really good day. Here we say: You will do the things every day of the year you do on the first day! I hope I will be so happy every day of 2008! And hope this for you too!


Kicsoda said...

I`m reading backwards, it is kind of funny:-) This egg-spread looks great! And you are a hero! 5kg grapefruit....when I was pregnant my husband prepared my some but not 5 kg;-)))

patchwitch said...

kicsoda! :D :D I am happy you enjoy reading...:D
yes, it took me a long time to make that grapefruit salad....