Dwayna, the goddess

Thursday, September 13, 2007

OK, this is the point where I lose the chronological order, but after starting patchwork I was usually working on 3-8 projects at the same time, so I can't really remember the things.
Dwayna is not an old project, I made it last year.
I have been playing the quite well-known Guildwars game for 2 years. Arenanet and the Guildwars-team pay attention to the social life as well, not only the gaming part of GW, so they often organize competitions for the GW community.
My first success was the 2005 Halloween competition, when I carved a pumpkin. Actually this was my first carving, but it turned out very well, as it was a 'honorable mention' and I got a T-shirt as a surprise.
After this nice prize I became very excited when I heard about the Christmas contest in 2006. I decided to make something strange. I tried to mix my 2 hobbies: Guildwars and patchwork.
In the world of Guildwars there are 5 gods, they reign. I choose a goddess, Dwayna, and I used a patchwork technique called stained glass window to make a quilt for the competition. It was not very easy as I had only 1.5 weeks to make it (or nearly 2 weeks, I don't remember exactly, but I was in a hurry). My friend helped me to draw the sketch. I cut a lot of (really-really lot) black fabric and ironed them. Then I drew the pattern to the backing fabric (soft white one, nothing special) then cut the top fabrics. They were dyed by me. It was not easy, but fun to make. Then I put all the pieces to their places and started sewing. And sewed and sewed and sewed during the day and night, at home, at work, on the bus, during the weekend... I sew slowly so it was quite hard for me to be in that hurry and the deadline came closer and closer....
But finally it was ready to be photographed. The picture was sent to Arenanet, and then I had the huge surprise, Dwayna got the 4th prize!!!!!
I was nearly flying :D Thanks for the competition and thank you for the prize Arenanet!!!
And thanks for my B for this good idea to make a stained glass window quilt!!!

And finally I have to show you a picture of Dwayna (the quilt):