Karamella, the teddy bear

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Last year I went to a patchwork camp. I was excited as in the programme I read about teddy bear making. I planned to make a teddy in Australia (2nd post I think in my blog), and I got a bear making kit, but I was not brave enough to start with the fur and the other magic things which I found inside the box.

So I went to the camp and waited for the first programme: the teddy. As my train was late I could not reach the second one, so I had to wait an hour at the station for the next one. Then the only taxi of the small town went away just in front of my eyes. So I asked the bus driver and after travelling by 2 buses I reached the place. I was very late for my course, but luckily the teacher was so kind and nice (one of the nicest ones I have learnt patchwork from). She helped me a lot, and finally at the end of the day I have the little teddy with me.

I was so proud to make this cute one. He was a perfect present for my B from the camp. He was very happy to have him, and from that moment he is sitting next to the computer screen. After a while (I think a couple of weeks later) he got the name Karamella, which means Caramel in English.

He is a poetical teddy... Not very cheerful, he likes thinking and writing poems. He is happy but not that forever-smiling one.
Soon he had two cousins (made for our friends, a sweet couple, their names are Pung and Ám) and later he had two brothers, Menta (Mint) and Málna (Raspberry).

I love making bears, they are all different even if you use the same template for them. They have a bit of your heart and soul. I can't imagine a person who doesn't like them.

Ah, I must tell you Karamella says hello and cheers for you!


geszt said...
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geszt said...

To be honest though I like the bears but I simply love Albert and John, they were one of the best presents in my life ever. And sure I'd love to see them here! Want some new pictures maybe some time?;)
(John stays in Bonn momentarily but he came to say bye to the airport today in Ark's shirt's pocket:]

Also yeah, as said: the li'l birds twittered it away;) I really like the idea, so the pictures. maybe you could make the text "justyfied" instead of "left", would fit a bit better. Very nice layout by the way!

miss~nance said...

Gorgeous bears.