The play

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Today I tell you the story of the play I directed. It is Carlo Goldoni's comedy, 'The servant of two Masters' (Il servitore di due padroni).
There is an amateure company of my colleagues. We decided to make this performace as a charity play, and this way we can collect money to our school's foundation. Getting the idea we started to work on it and after 8 months of rehearsal we performed it in April. It was a surprise for our students, and we also had a surprise when we had to make a second perormance because so many of them wanted to see us.
As we wanted to give as much money as possible to the foundation, we tried to save on everything. We collected the costumes from old ceilings, parents and grandparents and I sewed the rest of the accessories we needed. My colleague made the background and we borrowed the furniture of the school and the community house.
As I usually talk about patchwork things (or at least things in connection with sewing) I am talking about the three things I made.
I had a role of the maid of the lord's daughter,
(maid is called Smeraldina) so I needed an apron. I spent hours on the internet browsing for templates, but then an online friend helped me with her grandma's old template which she found in a dusty box some weeks before. I had a sketch which helped me to design my apron (fortunately it is not a big challenge). I am very sorry, but I have no pic about it, so i can't post it here.
The other two things I sewed were accessories of my lady, Clarice. She had a wedding dress of a colleague as a costume, so I used only white fabrics. First I made her a little purse. It is always good for a young lady to 'play' with when she is in embarrassing situations with young men. :D
The template is from a Japanese magazine. I used white fabrics and pink lace for that. The fabric is remain from a company which makes curtains and bed covers for hotels. We (in my pw group) sometimes get the rest of the fabric, usually small pieces which we can use in quilts. The funny past was that I had not enough time to make this purse, so when we went to a concert with my colleagues I worked on it. All of them new the purse and was curious about it. :D
The other one was an umbrella. In the middle of the rehearsal-period we found out Clarice needed an umbrella. Luckily my friend's little daughters had a pink one which the didn't use as it had some holes on it. I simply sewed white lace (I think it is more madeira than lace- about 20cm wide stripe of fabric with embroidery on the edge). I sewed the lace onto the umbrella, and I finished with the same pink lace I used for the purse. The idea came on a birthday party, so again I spent the whole night making it (of course I talked and had fun with the others at the same time). My only problem was that I nearly finished when I recognized the lace would not be enough. It was about 70 cm shorter that I needed. So I cut it off and started again with smaller creases. That was the favourite of the company, so I was very proud of the idea! We call it the 'huge marshmallow umbrella'.


geszt said...

Awww, I loved that umbrella!

patchwitch said...

thanks geszt :D I am happy to hear that... my colleagues could not decide which one the umbrella went to, they both wanted it so much...