Made of pieces, but non-fabric

Saturday, September 22, 2007

This is a story of the thing I made today. In fact I wanted to sew as I have lost of things in my mind (as usual), but somehow the day ended without it.

After sleeping (half of the day.... I got up early but then something happened, my eyes closed and I woke up in the afternoon. I don't understand....:D) I started to clean the flat with B then it was late afternoon, we were waiting for friends, so no sewing.

By the way it was a very good day. In the evening we had three friends and we had a very good time with them. B cooked with the other guy (A :D). To tell the truth - and please don't laugh - A and B cooked the meal, and we (C and E and me, D - or C, D and E) ate it :D. It is like a Maths exercise in a boring lesson :D

So A and B made caprese salad, baguette filled with cheese and spices, rizotto, and chicken with veggies. We ate a lot (really, it is nearly impossible for me to move my fingers, they are so lazy after that huge meal we had).
I made the dessert (it is always my job and I love it), the chocolate cake with marzipan. The recipe is not my invention, I saw it on TV. I just changed some things and missed other things, so finally we had the thing we liked. And here is a picture about it. (I am so proud as I got a ceramic dish in which I can bake cakes and it worked!)

I know it is not patchwork at all, but that is I could do today instead of sewing!