Ribbons..... today.....: embroidery

Friday, September 21, 2007

Last year I had the chance to go to the countryside and do my favourite hobby: patchwork and other sewing projects.
One of the programmes in the camp was ribbon embroidery. I didn't know what it meant but then I liked it.

I think you have to be very careful with it. As you can use silk, organza or satin ribbons it is very easy to make too fussy projects. Some of the pictures I have seen in books were too tawdry for me. I decided to work with narrow ribbons and not to use too many colours in the same work, make quite small flowers and not to put a lot of them in one picture.

I use satin ribbons only.

My first project was made in the camp, a bunch of flowers with yellow-orange-red colours. I used 6 mm satin ribbons and some DMC. Later I made borders and gave it to my mum as a present.

In the evening of that day I decided to make a small picture to a friend, that is the ghost. I used 12 mm satin ribbons for that. It was not easy to stitch with. I found the pattern in a book called The ABC of ribbon embroidery.

Last Christmas I found a picture which I liked so I stitched something similar, only green and red flowers. I used 6 mm green, 6 and 12 mm red ribbons. Ah and some yellow, too. (Hmmm I totally forgot the yellow part :D). It became a present in my family at Christmas.


miss~nance said...

Beautiful embroidery Doti.