Money, money, money....

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Today I had some plans to do, but I didn't make anything as I went away and spent money. My dearest B took me into a meeting with the ladies, where I got a kilo of batting (which I can use for dolls) and 25 m of molino.

I need some of it as it is very useful. It is whitish and very thin, so good for back fabric. It is also good for dying, and I am going to meet my net friends next weekend to make a shibori party and dye a lot, so I had to fill my stock again. (I ran out of that when I sewed my apron for the play in spring.)

We went shopping, so I also bought 2 m of yellow (like the sun) and 2 m of red (Christmas is coming). Unfortunately I couldn't find a nice 'Christmas green' fabric, but there was a piece of creamy, so I bought that one. I also found a red and white checked fabric which is perfect for the coat of my Christmas friends. (mice, angels, Santa... who knows?)
Finally I got an ironing board which is small enough to keep in my sewing room :D
Hurray, day of the fabrics for me!

But I don't want you dear guest to read so much without a photo of a something, so I show you the purse which I spent the money from.

This is a piece I made last summer in a camp. Actually it should be a purse to keep your papers in (like identity card and driving licence), but I needed something for my money, so designed a bit more for myself.

I used beautiful blue and white fabrics which I got for Christmas from a quilting friend. Her sister works in a sewing workshop and they make curtains and bed covers. The remains (sometimes only 2 cm band, sometimes bigger pieces) which are usually really nice or interesting fabrics go to our group. These fabrics I used were samples for the company, but nobody used them, so I got the little pack.

(Ah, I have to tell you, once we got a huge amount of a horrible fabric. Maybe that was the reason why we got so much.... It was white with ugly flower patterns. Nobody liked it. But we didn't want to throw it away, so tried to use small pieces in quilts. Finally it turned out like a competition: who can make nicer quilts with it? Who can hide its ugliness?)

I had really small pieces of the fabric so it was quite tricky to make this wallet, especially the band, as that was the last step. I put a zipper in to make it more safe. It was not easy (my second zipper ever), but it seemed OK at the end.

I think I am very lucky to get those wonderful fabrics!