Quilting? hmmm....

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Yesterday I got a post - which was absolutely true - that I had not too much quilting on this blog... so I've just browsed my pictures and tried to find something quilted. I realised I have not too much 'patchwork' as I prefer usable things which I can give away as presents. Unfortunately my friends and family have the same problem as me... quite small flats or houses and not enough free walls to hang quilts on. And I absolutely don't want to sew for my wardrobe.... I think it is a kind of punishment for the quilts to roll them and put them inside a box or a wardrobe... So I chose other things to sew.

Unfortunately - as all of us - I have problems with time. I have lots of ideas to sew, but I have not enough time to make them. And I always choose to make the presents for special occasions, like birthdays, 'name days', Christmas etc. or bags to make my life more practical and leave other things just planned.

As I mentioned before I am a member of a patchwork guild (or group). Usually we meet once a month or every third Saturday. We don't meet in summer as everyone is very busy with children and grandchildren, and some of us go to camps or have our holidays. The last meeting is always in June. We have some members who have houses with garden or houses in the countryside so we go to them and have a garden party together.

We usually plan to make some little handmade presents to the host lady. This year we went to a small town not far from the capital. The lady we visited had moved into that house some months before. We made sitting pillows to her into he new kitchen. Everyone had to make a 40x40 cm pillow with thin batting in it. We all used yellow, orange and brown fabrics. The patterns were chosen by the makers. We didn't plan to make the same.

I wanted to make something in 'kitchen' theme. I found a Tildas pattern (as I love Tildas patterns-maybe you could realize it before :D) which originally is a wall-hanging of course. I decided to use it for the pillow. Yes, i think it can be a very unusual feeling to sit on a whole plate of cookies. And you can do it this way without being so dirty at the end. Yes, I know I am crazy, but it seemed a good idea, so I made it.

I know it is not a quilt, only an applique on a pillow, but at least something 'quilt-like'.

And here is a picture about the pillow. (I know the quilting part is not perfect at all but I had some problems with my sewing machine and at that time I didn't know what to do with it...)