'Thread bin'

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Today I made myself a little 'bin' to keep my thread rubbish in it. I saw something similar at a friend and it seemed very useful. You can keep it on your table next to the cutting mat or sewing machine. You can throw the thread or strips of cloths into it. It is small so you can take it with you when you travel. It is a very clever accessory.

I bought a piece of this beautiful fabric with the sun and moon on it. This was the easiest part. Later I tried to find a bit of matching fabric which was not very quick and easy but finally I managed. That was this light blue one.

I got a quarter of a glazed tile, it is about 12x12 cm. It is heavy enough to keep the whole thing on the table. I sewed a tight cover for it with two rubber band loops in it.

I have a little pillow (it has double cover) filled with sand. They say sand is good into the pillow cushion (also hair as I have heard, but I am not brave enough to try it). It goes to the top onto the tile. (It is also heavy, so it helps with balance.)

Finally I made the sack, 40 x 20 cm, patterned fabric outside and blue inside. I used a piece of plastic string at the opening of the sack. It keeps the sack open. I sewed a loop of the patterned fabric which I can put my little scissors in. On the edges there are two buttons (handmade wooden buttons) which I put the loops in.

The first picture is made with flesh, its colours are bright like in real life but no flash was used for the second pic.

Isn't it sweet? I am very pleased with the colours and the whole thing itself.


Solstitches said...

Hi Doti,
Your thread bin turned out so nice.
I love the fabric you chose.

patchwitch said...

Thank you, I was very happy to find this...