Here again with Albert and John

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Hello Reader,
Sorry about yesterday but I had such a horrible headache I couldn't write and post anything. Just laid in bed....:(
But today I am going to post two texts, one for today and an other for yesterday.

So today I would like to introduce my other 2 softies. My friend has already written some comments about them and wished to see them here.Geszt, you do not have to wait more :D
At Easter I was in a big work. I made some soft toys for friends and family. The second one in the row was a white bunny made of terry cloth. For his ears I used pink fabric with white spots. I had no idea who this bunny was made for when I chose the template, but right after the cutting I was sure he went to Geszt. Working on him was a great pleasure as he soon became cute...:D Geszt spent half of Easter at out place. I enjoyed this time very much. After she got the bunny (or maybe a bit before I am not sure....) I felt he was a bit lonely and I was sure he would be happy to have a friend with him. So during the days of Easter I went to my sewing room and made his friend, the goose.
At first the bunny was very excited about his new owner. I promised him to have someone special. I know today (after getting to know Owner-Geszt) he is very satisfied with his home and family. He was also excited during Easter about his new friend, the goose. Fortunately they became friends at the very end...

I talk about them as 'bunny' and 'goose' as they got their names some days or maybe a couple of weeks later. Geszt named them of course. The bunny got the name Albert, and goose is John now.

I am not sure where they are at the moment. They lived with Geszt for a while and travelled with her I think to Ireland. (sorry if I am not right, maybe I will be corrected in a comment...) Some months later Geszt went abroad to his new boyfriend, and Albert thought one of them must look after him or at least keep an eye on him .... So he stayed there and John came home with Geszt. I think they have changed places nowadays, so Albert is here with Geszt and John stays with the boy. I am happy to know they are all right (and the couple as well), it is always good to hear about 4 happy souls like them........ Enjoy your days you 4, wherever you are!

Here are the most recent pics about them.... Thanks Geszt! :D


geszt said...

Two small comments:
1. I didn't give John and Albert their names, they told it to me.
2. Yes, John (also known as the sarcastic one) stayed with my SO, I wonder who will learn from the other;)

And here is a very recent (5 mins old) picture of Albert, missing his friend:

geszt said...

Ah, and yes, they had a tour in Ireland with me, though John was complaining about the weather all the time and Albert felt a bit bored being "alone" all day.

geszt said...

And a recent pic of John too:

and the (quoted) comment is: maybe he's sarcastic, but he wants a hug too.