Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Hello Everyone,

This is my blog which was created for two reasons:
1.to write about my favoutite hobby: patchwork and
2.to practise my loved language: English.
That is why I am going to write in English... Sorry for all friends, who don't know or don't like English.
I have started patchwork in college. We had to choose one faculty of several crafty subjects. I have just browsed the list when I saw the word "PATCHWORK". In fact I had no idea what this word meant, I only understood the word "WORK" but not "PATCH". But I always liked English language and culture so I decided to try this. I thought nothing can be bad which is in connection with English.
Luckily it turned out very well. I enjoyed the lessons, I had a wonderful teacher, and I could use my mum's sewing machine (which had been forbidden for me before).
We started with the basics: log cabin, hexagons, stripes, Sunbonnet Sue and Bill applications. Unfortunately I had only 15 weeks of it (I think only about 1 hour per week) and it was not continued.