Little backpacks

Friday, September 28, 2007

This summer my friend asked me to help her... She is a teacher and her class left school in June. In this country at the end of the school the students get little purses and some memories inside. She decided to make them backpacks as the poem she wanted to give to her class fit that. She asked me to design a little backpack. I had to make something not too complicated as we had not too much time to make 29 pieces and the others couldn't sew.

We went for fabrics together. She decided to buy four colours and make different bags.
Two ladies cut the pieces and I sew them together. My friend's little daughters helped us as well, they counted the pieces and matched them. We spent a night with this work and then we met on a Saturday afternoon. It was a sunny day we sat in the garden of a friend, we celebrated my birthday and sewed the bags. I loved that afternoon. Sitting in a garden with friends, having fun and sewing...It was amazing! It is a very good memory!

I am very proud of this design as I have never sewed a backpack before, so I had absolutely no idea how to make it. I have just taken a piece of fabric, a pair of scissors and my sewing machine, and this is what came out at the end! I still don't believe I made it alone! The bags are not too big, cc. 14 x 10 cm.

These are bags we made.... altogether in the school.

This is only one, the back and the front: