Sunday, September 30, 2007

Today I could finish my scarecrow. Hurray! On a doll making topic we decided to make a doll each month, but I am always late. Today I am so proud, this is the lat day of the month and my scarecrow is ready, I have taken a picture, so I have to wait a bit more and I can post him to the forum...

The rules are simple. We decide the topic and then choose a pattern or usually a template only. Everyone makes the doll using the given template, but adding extras is OK, so everyone tries to be creative. We mustn't show the pic till the last day of the month or the first day of the next month. Then we put all the pics on the forum and see how different dolls we make of the same pattern. It is funny.

My August doll (the fat German lady) is in a previous post and this scarecrow is the September doll. We had the template of the head, legs, arms and body. All the clothes are my own designs. The hat was a Tildas design and also the crow.

The 'pumpkin' is a crop I found in my hobby box.

I hope you like him!


Solstitches said...

Your scarecrow is adorable Doti - he has a very happy face.
I like his overalls too.

patchwitch said...

It is very kind of you :D

geszt said...

Yay, the scarecrow turned out really sweet^^

patchwitch said...