Home, sweet home!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

After arriving home, unpacking all the dirty clothes and the things we got in AU, I had a quick tour in the corner my sewing machine was. It was staying there sadly, waiting for me patiently. I felt sorry for it. I left it waiting for years and poor one got only two projects to work on: the curtains (not a big challenge for a machine) and a bed cover (To tell you the truth (you know I am that 'honest-type') it is still not finished, I made the quilting part of 6 hundred something pieces and I hand-dyed the borders, but was not brave enough to make the stitching. It is my big project for the near future, but no worries, I am working on the design of the stipling, machine quilting or whatever now).
Back to the point I visited my sewing machine and promised it to work together more. I don't remember what I made, but I am sure a designed something small. And next summer a patchwrok camp took place. I found it on the net and it was only 2 days after the deadline of application, so I phoned them and told a long story about everything. Finally they let me in, and I found myself among a group of patchworking ladies. We made a lot of things in that 4 days. The first one was a huge and fat cat. (I don't like cats very much, but this one is sweet. It is really crazy, so I loved the whole work.) It can be a pillow for smaller ones, and it looks funny. Hmmmmm.... I think I have to find it and make a pic.....
We made a bag and an organizer for my accessories and some more thing I don't remember. (Maybe they were not so important :D) And that was the point I started to sew again. I had nearly no time because I worked a lot, but I found 2 nice ladies (in fact a lady and a young one) who invited me in their pw group. We met once a month and made something together or got/gave some ideas.
It was a strange period. It was frightening to be with experts.... They had been sewing for ages. Some had more sewing experienge than my age..... You can imagine. But one of them was really kind to me and helped a lot when I had problems. I didn't know half of the tools they used, and most of the techniques were new for me as well.
Unfortunately some ladies were not so kind and they often make me angry or sad because of thier huge selfishness. But who cares? I still have that nice one (unfortunately my first two friends are not there any more) and my new best sewing friend joined the group.
Ah, that is another funny story.... It was Christmas time. The group decided to make presents. Everyone made a present and we made slips of paper with the names on them. We chose a slip and gave the present to that person. I missed 3 or 4 meetings before and Christmas was my first visit in that term. Then I saw a nice girl smilng and looking for me (poor she got a slip with a totally unknown name on it). I got the most beautiful present and her friendship as well...:D I am sure this was the best Chritmas present in the group that year..... We are still friends, laughing together a lot. With her help I can forget all the matters the others cause to me....