AAS (Aussie Advent Swap) 1. - Hurray!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Hurray! The most beautiful thing I can imagine! I arrived home - after a not-so-good day. I was tired and then....

I saw a huuuuuge box on my bed. My B was smiling 'You got this!'

This was the huge box I found. I ran to the bed and opened it! I saw the address so I knew it was my swap partner who sent me this box. I just wanted to check what was inside (OK, to tell you the truth I was really very curious).
So I opened the box quickly.

Sorry for the not so nice pic. That is what I saw. I decided to open the silver envelope. This is the beautiful card I have found:

I read it and became happier. Then my B asked me to go out. He put out the newspapers to look inside (I think he was also very curious.) then asked me to come in. He let me look at the pressies. When he picked out the newspaper we found lots of confetti... snowflakes, angels, stars...
And look how nice things I saw:

Unfortunately that is all I saw. I was a good girl so I put all the newspapers back and put the box in the living room. It is so hard to wait till the 1st Dec. But I will.... only 12 days... that can't be impossible... yes, I can do it!

Thank you stitched-up for the present! It made my day so happy!


Kicsoda said...

Wooow,I am impressed!!!! You got it and you did not open them....all?!. Actually this swap must have been fun. I go and read back what did you make:-)