The first snow this year!!!!!! Hurray!!!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

What a wonderful Sunday it was! We had the first snow this year! (Actually we are having the first snow but it is turning into rain unfortunately...)

I couldn't stop myself and I took lots of pictures. I would like to show them to you, dear Reader. I hope you like snow, too. How is it possible not to like snow?

OK, let me show the photos:

This is the beginning.... Show is in the air and water on the ground..... But this time snow was the stronger! Look at the next pic.

And this is my favourite friend who also loves snow. He is watching it from our bedroom:

And later we went to a mini 'snow walk'. Actually I am not a fan of walking, but snow totally changes my mind. I just love walking in snow!

Isn't it beautiful?These are the pics of our first 'snow walk', some plants around. They look amazing covered with snow!

This is one of my favourite trees. It is beautiful in the spring and with its burgundy leaves in summer and also in autumn. Finally you can see this gorgeous shape in winter.

And the last one: just a piece of ground..... I didn't want to step on it and destroy it....
I nearly forgot this one: The first snowman this year...It has no nose and eyes yet but I saw some children around. :D


Kimba4 said...

Doti your snow photos are great.

Heidi said...

I am so green with envy! I just love snow!!! I heard we may get some in Holland later this week. I am hoping the weatherman keeps his promise. :) I so wish I could have joined you on your walk in the snow. How wonderful! Where are you at?

~~ Heidi ~~

patchwitch said...

I am not too far.... in Hungary... I thought you also had snow in Holland. I will keep my fingers cross for snow :D

Solstitches said...

It looks very rpetty Doti so long as I don't have to endure the cold!
I like being warm in Spain :)


patchwitch said...

I have never been is Spain :( I don't like cold only if there is snow around. I love snow, it is magic for me :D