Patch? Witch!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Ah, this was a good weekend in the countryside with friends. This is a late post for the weekend.
The doll of October was a witch. We had a given picture and we had to make a witch based on it.

Here is my witch. I made some pictures while working so if you want to follow my work and make one doll, here is some help.

This is my own design (but not the picture what I got, I don't know its origin). The head, neck and body is cut of one piece (I wanted her to be able to hold her head, so I cut those of one piece and used a lot of filling in the neck.)
I had a lot of trouble with the arms and legs... They are very thin so it was not easy to turn them out.
Here is the doll....

As you see she is not a huge doll (about 15 cm). When I make a doll it is always the last step to make her face so she had to wait a lot more.....
As I am not a professional designer I used the doll to design her clothes so they are the right size.

The next step was the double dress. The patterned one with long sleeves, and the checked one without sleeves.
For the first one I used a blouse which I found in a second hand shop. Unfortunately it was not my size, but I loved the fabric, so I washed and ironed it at used a small part for this tiny dress.
For the other dress I needed a ribbon with pumpkins on. So I learned the 'needle painting' technique and tried to make my best (I posted about it before).

After the dresses it was time to make the hat. I used black plush for it. I needle painted the ribbon (I only had white satin ribbon but I needed purple) and finally I added some beads.

Her hair is made of knitting thread, and I embroidered her face. This is her half made hair:

Finally I made her tiny shoes and the broom. For the broom I used branches and those orange something (once I got a bunch of flowers from my friend and this was the decoration I was sure it was good for something but didn't know what. I got the answer when wanted something for the broom.). I stack them with glue gun.
And here is my witch (I know I am not good at taking photos, but hopefully I can improve my knowledge.)


Tozz said...

Fabulous witch. You certainly are one very talented lady :)

patchwitch said...

oh, tozz, thank you very much :D I am very happy you liked her.