Happy Friday!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Today was another 'reading day' for me as I still one more magazine to read plus I got a 'Happy Friday Present' from my friend, Pungi (the happy owner of the snowman in the pyjamas). This is the new book of my favourite Norwegian designer called 'Tildas hus'.

This was the best part of the day! I also got a beautiful Debbie Mumm fabric from my B which was another huge surprise... It is beautiful, blue, white and red with Santa and polar bears on it and of course beautiful snowflakes. Unfortunately I couldn't find a pic of the fabric, so I cannot show it right now.

So I have a lot to do now. I got inspiration so it is the time of the hand now.

I didn't have time to sew with so much reading but the weekend is coming so I can sew a bit. My 'to do list' is sooo long.

And little snowman, have a happy life with Pungi! (This was the day I saw my friend and gave her the snowman.)

Here is a picture about the book cover: