Christmas carols

Sunday, November 25, 2007

I have special relationship with Christmas carols, I think.

First I have to say: I love carols. Unfortunately I live in a country where there are no Christmas carol singers and nearly all Christmas song is sad (except the children's songs of course).

When I was a high school student we made a small choir each Christmas. (Of course we had a really special teacher who helped in organizing things - thank you to her for that.) We learnt some (or a lot, I think quite a lot, yes) carols. We had singers, guitarists and some had bells, drums and rattles. before Christmas we went to the centre of the city (it is a capital, so quite big). We have a street there as all big city does. You know the one with lots of shops and tourists, fair before Christmas.

So we went there sang Christmas carols and collected money in a huge box. The money went to big and poor families with lots of children and not much money. But charity was only one side. On the other side we created a really good and special atmosphere in the street. People sang with us and some of them started to dance. It was the best part of Christmas for years to me. (I really didn't like Christmas for some reasons but this part was my favourite...)

When I started teaching I wanted to continue singing carols. I work with little ones so singing in the street at winter time for 4 or 5 hours is not a good idea. So we decided to create the special atmosphere in the school for the others. Advent mornings find us in the school hall next to the door singing Christmas carols. I have enthusiastic children each year who help me. They love Christmas carols like I do. I am always very happy when we sing together. It is wonderful!

Before Christmas I like listening to carols at home too. When I sew the pressies or bake the cakes I need some more special Christmas feeling which can be created by the carols.

Today I got a huge collection of Christmas carols of my B. (100 carols on 6 CDs!) I am very happy with it as I didn't have new songs this year so I listened to my only cassette (My CD player is still not working so the next - hopefully quick - step is to get it repaired.) . Now I have the opportunity to learn new carols and to hear the others sang by different singers. It was a huge surprise! Thank you for it, B!!


Heidi said...

I grew up listening and singing carols too. I find any time of year is good for listening to carols! It cheers you in the middle of July's heat or warms you on a cold December evening. Enjoy your new cds and have a meaningful and lovely time at school singing the carols!

~~ Heidi ~~

patchwitch said...

thank you heidi, I hope we all will enjoy :D

Jo Marks said...

Hello :-)
I will have to call you Carol from now on!
love Jo in Oz x
PS You have a lovely B x

patchwitch said...

Jo :D