Christmas gift last year

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I have some problems with blog these days:
1. I have to help my friend in her shop (not enough time to sew)
2. I can't really put pics about gifts on blog (I try to forbid all friends to visit this blog, but...hmmm... I am not sure... hopefully they are good enough :D)

But this is a picture about a last year Xmas pressie, so I dare to put it here. You know the pattern of a previous post (2 little bags) but you can change its style with different fabrics and different shape (double possibilities).

This was made for a friend who just loves everything blue and everything in connection with sea. This was the perfect fabric for her I think. I was very lucky to find this.

And now in this cold weather it is a bit of summer (for Aussie readers it is just in time, hihihi)