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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Today I was so busy with reading my new mags (still have some articles left ...hurray) I didn't reach a needle. I know it is not good, but today was 'the day of sewing in head'.

So I show you a not-so-old project.

This is a tiny bag to put small things (like toothbrush, toothpaste, brush etc.) in it. The first one I made in a camp last summer. It was favourite project of the camp. It is very simple: maybe this was the reason. Nearly everyone - included me - made one. A lady made it bigger, gave handles and got a handbag at the end.

So one night (it was not the topic of the lessons so we made these during the evenings and nights) I decided to make one. I didn't have a zip so a kind lady gave me one as she had some extras. Luckily I had some extra fabric, so I could make the bag. Its shape turned very funny at the end as I sew a line different from the others (those lines in the corners made the two bags so different).

When we travelled in summer, I decided to make a little bag for my B. As he is an absolutely book-lover I was happy to find this fabric. It is brown so good for him and I added yellow fabric. I used water resistant fabric inside (it is very similar to that tablecloth which is made of plastic and you don't have to wash it only erase).

I still keep my things in plastic bags which is embarrassing of a quilter.... but at least my B has a place to keep his things while travelling. And mine? Ah, yes it is already cut out, but not sewn, still a UFO.


karyn said...

gorgeous fabric - the bag for your B has a beautiful organic shape - it makes you want to touch it :)

I have more UFOs than Roswell here - sometimes most of the fun is in the starting...then coming back later to finish...

I keep most of my new acquisitions in plastic bags (so I can hide them from my husband if I need my craft room is a gigantic MESS!

patchwitch said...

Lol, Karyn, I have a huge box for UFOs and the whole flat is full of sewing things, so it looks like a huge hobby room.... :( I am a very untidy person...blush...My sewing room is a mess too. Thank you for writing maybe mine is not so embarrassing, you can be my excuse :D