The most stressful part of patchwork - the block

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Maybe most of the patch workers disagree with me (or most but all of them) but for me making a block a really stressful thing. Especially when making a quilt together with other people.

You have to be very precise for that which is not easy for me. In doll making 2 mm here or there mostly doesn't cause problem, just change the character of a doll a bit. But 2 mm can make a whole block wrong.

But yesterday and today I was working on a block. One of the internet friends decided to make a quilt together for charity. They collect money for a young girl. I was not brave enough to sign on the list, but I have started to make the block and I put my name in only at the end...

I was so frightened my hands trembled, even cutting a lint next to the ruler was a problem... (Yes, I am mad.... for sure...) Finally I had the block of the maple... And guess what! It is the given size! It was a real surprise for me, I could make it 30x30cm.
I had to use autumn colours, so I chose this green. All of us used cream for the back fabric and for the background. I stitched it a bit.

Here it is (I know it is something really simple, but was not easy for me to make...):


karyn said...

your block is beautiful! I'm glad you stuck with it...beautiful work.

patchwitch said...

thank you, others are much nicer though...:D they have not finished yet, so I haven't seen all part of the final quilt.