A simple day....

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

This was a simple Tuesday. Started like a usual one. Getting up early, going to work, in the afternoon running home, working a bit at home. It was quite late when I finished.

It looks like an awful weekday, but to tell you the truth it wasn't. I believe each day can be wonderful if you make it wonderful. Everything depends on you. When I start a day I always try to find the good thing in it. It is like a kind of motivation. Sometimes it is not so easy, but usually I can find something. And what is the connection with patchwork?

I know it is a blog about patchwork. I mean it wanted to be a blog about patchwork, but I write it, so I am in it. It is written by me, it shows me, so....hmm.... sometimes all my thoughts come out.... Usually I sew a lot in head. So my thoughts and sewing are in 'tight connection'. Unfortunately I have much more ideas than time. Half of my projects can be made only in my head. And I am quite lucky - I can enjoy travelling on a crowded bus or stranding in a queue because I can sew in head meanwhile. Can you see the connection? I hope the answer is yes.

So my motivation for today was patchwork and sewing again. I knew after finishing work I can go home and work on my Christmas projects. As I am a slow sewer I have to plan a lot. I always make lists (half of them must be cancelled at the end...sigh) and plans to use time the best. Sometimes I want to be quick, but the main point is to enjoy my hobby, so not the final result is the most important but the way.

Back to this day, I was right. I arrived home and could work on two Christmas projects. It was a good exchange for the tiring day. And what is the motivation for tomorrow? Maybe I can continue my projects... hmm? Isn't is a good idea?

It is not always true before Christmas as I want to finish the presents on time so I can't enjoy the way if I am not sure I can finish the gifts.