My newest friend

Monday, November 12, 2007

Let me introduce you my newest friend. Actually he is a wish of my best friend who is sick now with awful and long flu, hopefully she is staying in bed at the moment. I promised her when she was a good girl and stayed in bed drinking tea she would get a surprise. This is her surprise for today. Snowman who hopefully cures her, and make her healthy soon.

Actually that's how I looked like last week when I had something very similar. I had a huge red nose then (and it turned orange as I felt better and better), I wore pyjamas (orange ones of course unfortunately without these beautiful checked pattern) and I was not so cute as he but had more hair (luckily I still have more hair).

He is also a Tildas pattern from the Christmas book. I used simple cheap creamy (I am not sure how we call this colour... even using my mother tongue...but it is a mixture of white and yellow) cotton fabric and this checked one which I bought in summer on a sale. I am a bit sad now because I haven't bought enough. I have changed the nose and designed one for myself as I wanted to have it of fabric as well but the original design had something else. It is made of a little piece of very bright orange. For the eyes I used black DMC and made French knots.
He should have a piece of string on his hand as a hanger but I didn't have the perfect string so I skipped this problem.

I hope you like him... Ah and unfortunately we don't have snow.... It is raining outside....Grrrrr.... I don't like this cold rain let's push the 'snow button'!


Solstitches said...

What a cute little doll. I love his outfit. Your friend will be thrilled with your gift.


patchwitch said...

Thanks Margaret :D
I am happy you like him. I hope my friend will like it, she is still in bed...poor her!

Pungi said...

Hey girls and ladies and everybody. I can't sew and I think I don't want. :D But.. I like my friend's (aka Patchwitch) sewing-works and I see that she is very good in that.

I have been made in love with him when I saw that snowdall. :) He is very cute and seems sleepy, so I want to snuggle him!

Thanks for you, my best friend, little Bob. I love you.

patchwitch said...

take care and get well soon, pungi!

Pungi said...

*Sorry, sorry, sorry. Of course: *** I have fallen in love with him! *** :)

Grrr.. my english is such bad like my sewing. :(

patchwitch said...

it is OK, pungi, I still love you even if you talk in your mother tongue... maybe a bit of practise? post more :D