Christmas in November

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I just can't tell you how happy I am!

Today when I arrived home from work and opened the post box, I have found a yellow-brown envelope. I became so excited and pull it out and then I have found a white one as well!

I can't believe! Two presents one day!

The first one (the yellowish) came from the United Kingdom sent by Di. There were two mags in it, British Patchwork and Quilting Nov2007 and Popular Patchwork Oct2007. I have never heard about these mags, I don't know them.

The white envelope came from Australia sent by Juliet. There was Handmade Christmas edition in it. I got a Handmade once, but I got it 3 years ago I think.

It is a double happiness for me. I love getting presents (as most of us) and I feel the friendship and care of two online friends through these mags which is a real magic for me (sometimes I am surprised how much power internet has). I love magazines but I don't like mags written in 'unknown' languages. I know I can understand the pictures and 'how to' but I really love reading the articles and even all advertisements. Everything is interesting as they are from different countries. Here you can't find English mags but I don't understand German and Japanese ones, so these pressies are the best I can imagine. I got my last magazines from my father-in-law 1.5 years ago so I read them several times. There is a shelf in my sewing room for the mags I have. All are from Australia and I read them through again and again. I really enjoy them. Now I have three more to put to my favourite shelf, but first I have to read everything from the first letter to the very last one!

So this is all dear Reader for today as I go reading.... Hurray!!!!

Thank you Ladies, thank you so much again!


karyn said...

Yay! for parcels and envelopes from many magazines in one day...

I envy the snow you got recently - it's coming into Summer down here and it always makes me wish it snowed here! (of course it never does)


patchwitch said...

Where are you Karyn?
Never snow? aw, that is bad. I love snow. Unfortunately no snow now, but weather forecast promises some tomorrow and at the weekend.... Let's hope:D

karyn said...

I'm in Australia - Queensland - where it's hot and sunny almost all year round - so no snow for me :( I too love the snow.

Well if you post pics - I can enjoy your white Christmas - instead of my own hot and sweaty one down here!

patchwitch said...

I am going to take more pics then :D. Unfotunately there is no snow here, but huge in the western part of the country... Hopefully clouds are going to come tomorrow...

Anonymous said...

HI Doti
Love your pictures of the snow.
Hungry is a beautiful place.the picture remind me of Ireland were I grew up.
I now live in Australia and Christmas is usually hot. Today it is expected to be 35degrees. very hot

Anonymous said...

I love your Angel
YOu make beautiful things Doti
Denise (dee 1960)

patchwitch said...

Ah, Dee, I have heard Irealand was a beautiful place... Hopefully once I can go there and see that :D

I am a bit jealous, I love summer and hot weather and beach.... Or I like snowy weather, but when it is only cold without, that is not for me....
I am happy you liked the angel, she is on she read your comment as well. I have to add she is happy too :D